HPM1-Highway Peg Mounts for Yamaha V-max 85-07

Billet aluminum Highway Peg Mounts for Yamaha V-max 85-07.
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Billet aluminum Highway Peg Mounts for Yamaha V-max 85-07.  Will not work for 2008 & up VMax.

They move your feet forward 14" for a comfortable, stretched out ride.

Can be purchased WITH or WITHOUT foot pegs.

1/2" foot peg mounting holes allow you to choose the style foot peg you want from makers such as Kuryakyn, Big Bike Parts, etc.

They mount on existing bolt locations on your frame so there's no need to drill any holes. 

Includes all hardware needed for installation.


A story from a customer.....


"Dear refinedcycle,

My name is Jack and I purchased a set of your pegs for my '95 Vmax. I finally got around to installing them a couple of weeks ago and after my first test ride I was very impressed. Easy to install and they are just what I was looking for to help me enjoy longer rides on my Vmax.

But that's not why I am writing. When I installed the pegs I had some concerns about the long bolts holding up to the pressure that would be put on them. But, hey, it's just pegs right?

On my first ride with the pegs, a deer ran in front on us. I grabbed a handful of front brake with no chance of getting my feet back on the factory pegs to downshift or rear brake to help slow us. Wife is sliding forward into me and the highway pegs are all that's keeping me from sliding forward. I instantly thought about the pegs, "I hope they hold" I said to myself. Long story to tell you they handled the panic stop without any flex or bending.

Needless to say I am very impressed with your product."

- tcsho....


The HPM1-Highway Peg Mounts, mount in the same location as our FC9 Forward controls shown here.


Dealer inquiries welcome for any quantity.  Contact sales@refinedcycle.com




  • Stud mount pegs such as the Comfort, O-Ring and Spike only require a bolt to attach.
  • Male mount pegs such as the Diamond, Railer, Dually and Wing require a clevis adapter, sold separately.


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