FC20-Forward Controls for Honda 1300 Sabre, Stateline and Fury

FC20-Forward Controls for Honda 1300 Sabre, Stateline and Fury
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Please Note: We have discontinued the Scalloped style Brake and Shifter Pedals shown in some of the pictures. The SMOOTH style shown in the "Pedals..." picture is what will be included.

A billet aluminum forward control kit for Honda 1300 Sabre, Stateline, Interstate and Fury

They fit all years of....

  • VT1300CXA Fury 1300 ABS
  • VT1300CX Fury 1300 
  • VT1300CRA Stateline 1300 ABS
  • VT1300CR Stateline 1300 
  • VT1300CTA Interstate 1300 ABS
  • VT1300CT Interstate 1300 
  • VT1300CSA Sabre 1300 ABS
  • VT1300CS Sabre 1300 

They move your feet forward about 4.5" on the Sabre, Stateline and Interstate and 3.5" on the Fury.

Can be purchased WITH or WITHOUT foot pegs. (Stock pegs AND floorboards will NOT work!)

1/2" foot peg mounting holes allow you to choose the style foot peg you want from makers such as Kuryakyn, Big Bike Parts, etc. (Stock pegs will NOT work!)

They mount on existing bolt locations on your frame so there's no need to drill any holes. 

This is a 1-2 hour, bolt on project. 

They do NOT require replacement or extension of the brake line, therefore no brake bleeding is needed.

Installation does NOT require you to destroy any stock parts so installation is completely reversible. 

Can be purchased WITH or WITHOUT foot pegs. (Stock pegs will NOT work!)

Dealer inquiries welcome for any quantity.  Contact RefinedCycle@gmail.com

Installation Instructions for FC20 Forward Controls

Forward controls will NOT work with most crash bars/case guards.  If you have these types of guards they will probably have to be removed to install forward controls.

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